Sarah, just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s session; it was amazing! Not sure what happened, but I feel great. Today I woke up feeling different; I feel joy and know that this fear is going away. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :) I will be booking another session with you.
— Patty
I only recently was introduced to the wonders of Reiki therapy through Sarah Andrews of MonteReiki. Previously, my go-to for relaxation of body and mind was massage therapy combined with spiritual work and when I moved to Monterey, was looking for something, someone to fill that void. How lucky for me to have found Sarah’s profile in a local newspaper. Sarah is warm and open, a truly gifted healer. One is immediately at ease in her presence and practice space. I was blown away by the power of Reiki as experienced through Sarah’s gifts of perspective, connectedness, and healing hands; after the first visit, I was hooked. I leave each session super relaxed, warm and comforted; a feeling that lasts for a good while. If you’ve not yet tried Reiki therapy, this is the place to start.
— Rose M. Arnone
Just wanted to share my experience of how impressed I was with my Reiki session with Sarah. I was new to the idea of energy healing and not only excited to find out more about it, but try it and hopefully receive some benefits.

I reached out to Sarah since I had been experiencing some negativity in my life, some difficult relationships, and more importantly some terrible reoccurring dreams I had been having.

Sarah is so calm, understanding and experienced. Her session with me was so encouraging and relaxing. I truly felt some change within me and I have never felt so peaceful or relaxed then after my session with her. And that was enough for me. To my surprise, my bad dreams completely went away. I have been clear for months now and so beyond happy! I felt very renewed, empowered and “clear”. Many of my negative attitudes have left and I felt so centered after the experience.

If you want something truly unique and powerful, please see Sarah and experience the truly remarkable way of being healed.
— Oriana Maki-Nelson